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Mistress Valhalla

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Mistress Valhalla has been in the Kink community since 1996, has served as President of the PLA, KF Director and has run the Valhalla House Dungeon & currently runs the Valhalla Education Group.

In her own words “It was my mission to learn everything I could. Who am I today? …. I am an accomplished Domme and active member of the community that I love. I have always had a strong desire for educating people in BDSM world. Teaching others in our community is my passion. My focus is to provide classes that will give others the skills and confidence to play safely and become active members in our community”.

DungeonMaster Mark

Well, I’ve been kinky since an early age, somewhat of a lifelong Spanko. I have been in the Portland Kink scene for over 20 years now, and I am still contributing to the local community in a number of ways. My kink resume includes 5 years as overall KinkFest Director, 4 years as PLA Vice President, 10 years running and operating the Red Cheeks Club, 4 years as Educator in the Valhalla Education Group as well as many additional classes. I currently serve on the PLA Board of Directors, Host and run the twice monthly Kink Night’s at The Velvet Rope Club, and continue to Co-Own and Direct SummerSpank, now in its eighth year. I also make Rattan Canes and own Red Cheeks Toys, vending leather whips, floggers and other impact toys, and Dungeon Furniture.

I find great enjoyment teaching new peeps the safe ways to play and have fun in the scene, and I thrive on putting on Kinky events. I will continue to give back to the wonderful, local community which has helped my and mine get through some tough medical issues. Personally, I lean heavily in the Dominant side of the spectrum, and can often be found Topping others at local events. I enjoy a Daddy/girl, monogamous relationship with my wife and partner of 29 years.

Mark Leather Pride

cindi: a bi poly Topmissive service slave

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cindi has spent her 25+ years living in Leather as a service slave. her fetishes are anticipatory service & bondage, & she’s a member of the Leather Heart & Storm Heart Families.
while considered to be a heavy bottom she is not a masochist; offering her Sadist a safe place to unleash her Monster – accepting & honoring it, & suffering for its nourishment & amusement – is an act of service. Successful endurance is rewarded with what cindi calls her “cookie”, or basic need from kink: pride.
cindi has presented workshops for KinkFest, Paradise Unbound, RCDC, Leatherwoods, HOWL, Portland Leather Alliance, & at Munches & private events from Vancouver WA to Salem OR. she created the Touch Of Kink Tastings Tent at the 2015 inaugural summer camping event Renegade’s Rendezvous in addition to conducting multiple workshops.
she was a panel member twice for Talking Kink, & has been a stunt bottom for national presenters such as Lew Rubens, Jay Wiseman & Midori, & local ones including Conrad Hodson, Noble Satyr & Annamarie.
cindi has given Tastings of flogging, drumming & caning for Bad Girls’ Sinsations, Naughty Minxxx’s Sensual Sensations, PDX Rated’s Night of Kink, DeaconX’s Fetish Night, Buffalo Soldiers’ parties, PLA’s Vendors Fair, Angels Social Club’s Leather & Lace, The Velvet Rope’s Kink Night & Tasty Thursday, Leatherwoods, & Vancouver & Salem Munch groups.


DonJay is a mid-west transplant who claims Oregon as home. He has lived in the Pacific Northwest since '87 and plans to stay. He has been very active in the community since 2008. He has been a panelist for Talking Kink, a panelist for Miss Minerva's Pervy Salon, an instructor of needle play, and an instructor of fire play. He is always ready to torment pretty girls of all shapes and sizes, and doesn't hesitate to torment others when the opportunity arises. He is a past munch co-host for the Salem, OR munch as well as a former host of the Hillsboro, OR munch. He loves perverting ordinary items into "toys" and then uses those to help make the giggles come out. He is passionate about safety, both physical and mental. He never gets tired of continued research on his various "specialties" and loves to pick up new tricks whenever possible. He also nearly always has an electrical toy along and delights when some unsuspecting soul asks, "What's that for?"

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Hedonistic Urge bio photo

HedonisticUrge is a dominant with two decades of experience in the scene. He’s tried most of it, seen more than he’s tried, and has heard of pretty much all the rest. His primary interest is in D/s dynamics involving control via humiliation, degradation, and objectification. He uses a style of dominance that is masculine, nurturing, and involves positive reinforcement. He took up rope five years ago, and practices weekly to improve his skill. He’s also fond of violet wands and impact. He enjoys helping others on their own journey.