"It's a Wrap!" Mummification

by Mistress Valhalla

It’s a wrap ! Serious immobilization and confinement. Mummification is the ultimate in confining bondage. Through the artful use of pallet wrap I will cocoon a human from head to toe to mummify the bottom. I will go over safety concerns, tips on how to make sure your scene stays safe, ways to communicate with the bottom, removal of the mummification. I will show plastic wrap and vet wrap. This is all about packaging, what you do with the helpless victim afterwards up for negotiations.

The Bottoming Class

by cindi

How do you prepare for a heavy scene? For a bondage session?
How can you increase endurance? How can you minimize sub-drop?
How do you communicate with your Top if you're gagged? In a loud Dungeon?
There's more to bottoming than laying on a massage table & calculating how much you can relax before farting. We'll discuss physical & mental processes, trade helpful hints, & learn some basic stretches to become fully acquainted with the needs of our minds & bodies, in order to be successful & satisfied bottoms. This class is for any level of knowledge or experience, as everyone has something new to learn & something valuable to share. It's also not limited to bottoms; Tops wishing to learn more about their lovely playthings & being supportive of them are welcome … we just ask you to be mindful that the intent is to create a safe & open space for bottoms.

Fricken Rockin Floggin

by cindi

This dual-flogger low-impact rhythmic method involves no power dynamic; the intent is to create the same sensuality & connection we have when dancing together. It's easy to zone out while receiving this sort of flogging, which can help explore personal pathways to sub-space.
We'll be covering the technique, reading body cues, creating your own style, & preparations for before, during & after your scene.
You'll need to bring 2 floggers. A matched pair is ideal, but it's fine if they differ in size or weight… it'd be much more of a challenge if there's a significant length difference. A bottle of water is also recommended, & bring along a blanket if you're used to including one for aftercare..
This is a beginner-level class for a modified Florentine-style of flogging; it's different from the traditional “figure eight” form, & while that can easily be applied for this purpose it is requested that those skilled in the traditional style refrain from using it here, to help avoid confusion.

Electrical Play on a Budget

by Donjay

Interested in Electrical play but not able to afford one of those enticing Violet Wand Kits?
Join DonJay as he shares his love for electrical play on the cheap with us! In this class, he will be showing you how to make some simple, yet wicked and wonderfully “sizzling” electrical toys for your play scenes-- WITHOUT breaking the budget !
After the class he will provide some tastings! So make sure and be there—for that special SummerSpank JOLT!

Take a Bight - Intro to Rope Class

by HedonisticUrge

Take a Bight, an Intro to Rope Class is focused on teaching the basic philosophy and mechanics of rope to those interested in using it for bondage; whether it is incorporating basic ties into a larger scene, or taking the first steps toward learning suspensions. The class starts with a section on Why Rope & Risks Associated with rope, and moves to the practical Mechanics of how to tie a single column, a double column, and a simple friction, with a demo using those techniques.