Gift Card Info (in Coming Soon State)

Interested in vending at SummerSpank 2019? Contact us for more information.

Eve's Garden Of Good and Evil


Motivational Tools

We sell mostly one-of-a-kind whips, floggers, canes, straps, paddles, and many other noise-inducing implements of pleasure and pain. Watch your slave/bottom/sub quiver when they come by our table! Or your Master's/Top's eyes light up with delight when they pick up one of our Wonderfully Evil Toys with thoughts of how many different ways they can use it on you. Please note: we only accept cash and checks! Thank you.

PurpleMyst Studios

PurpleMyst Studios will be setting up a photography photo booth at the Tea Party (with a themed backdrop) so you can capture your amazing outfits! Photos will be $10.00 cash and credit cards accepted.

Red Cheeks Toys

Red Cheeks Toys, the home of affordable, quality toys for Kink enthusiasts.

We carry a variety of Floggers, Whips, Paddles and the infamous Red Cheeks Canes, lovingly crafted by DungeonMaster Mark. We strive to offer high quality products with low retail cost.