This is SummerSpank... Are you used to it yet?

1) No Whining

2) No non-human pets of any kind

3) No Illegal Drugs. Alcohol and marijuana are acceptable, but no other intoxicants are allowed, and please, no over indulgence or Irresponsible Behavior

4) No Guns, No Sword Play

5) Fire Play by special request ONLY

6) Be Nice – We ask that you all treat one another with Respect and Courtesy. Play nicely and Have Fun.

7) Clean Up – Please act as Stewards of the land… Please take all your belongings and TRASH out with you, leave the grounds in a better state than when you arrived

8) Did we mention PACK YOUR OWN TRASH?!?!

9) NO POLITICS!!!…. absolutely NO POLITICS ALLOWED at SummerSpank. We don’t care what your political views are, Don’t bring them or discuss them at SummerSpank

10) Covid Vaccinations... Due to the overwhelming need to ensure safety for everyone, we ask that you do not come to SummerSpank if you have not been vaccinated against Covid-19. We thankyou for your understanding

Maaark the Fab