This is SummerSpank... Are you used to it yet?

1 ) No Whining

2 ) No non-human pets of any kind

3 ) No Guns

4 ) No Sword Play

5 ) Fire Play by special request ONLY

6 ) No Intoxication or Irresponsible Behavior

7 ) Be Nice – We ask that you all treat one another with Respect and Courtesy. Play nicely and Have Fun.

8 ) Clean Up – Please act as Stewards of the land… Please take all your belongings and TRASH out with you, leave the grounds in a better state than when you arrived

9 ) Did we mention PACK YOUR OWN TRASH?!?!

10 ) NO POLITICS!!!…. absolutely NO POLITICS ALLOWED at SummerSpank. We don’t care what your political views are, Don’t bring them or discuss them at SummerSpank

Maaark the Fab