Cell Popping with Mistress Valhalla

The human body as a canvas, tied down or just laying voluntarily still. A fire pot slowly bringing a metal tool to a red-hot glow. A design prepared with the artwork that will mark the "victim." A skilled practitioner standing above them in gleeful anticipation. It's a scene as old as humanity itself.

There has been body art / modification for as long as there have been human bodies, and scarification and tattooing has been an integral part of the BDSM community from its earliest beginnings as well. Cell Popping is a form of body modification where heated medical implements are used on a bottom to produce a rush of endorphins and send the recipient into sub-space.

Mistress Valhalla has taken the concept of Body Modification and evolved it into a form of body art and semi-permanent markings. Cell Popping Body Art is essentially the process of creating small burns on the human canvas to create artistic designs and also create an incredible endorphin experience at the same time.

Rope for Dungeon Play with Tantrika

What's even better than getting your kink on in a clothing-optional outdoor space with a huge, covered dungeon, a thumping sound system, awesome lighting and filled with lots of dungeon furniture ? Taking full advantage of the dungeon by adding rope to your play !
It's common for kinksters to say that rope takes too long to learn, that it takes too long to do, and that it doesn't add anything to the way they already love to play. Prepare to change your mind ! You will learn only one basic technique ( the reverse tension tie) that you can easily adapt to impact play, pet play, and tying down that sexy partner to the furniture nice and secure. You will be given handouts (for those who learn best that way) and plenty of hands-on demonstration with follow-along practice. You will learn how to tie / be tied to a St. Andrew's cross, spanking bench, massage table, tree, or pretty much anything else that strikes your fancy. You will learn a shortcut to make the initial step even faster, and you will learn a rarely taught tip on how to take tension off the knots to increase safety during untying. You will also learn which parts of body to avoid for this style of rope play and how rope play affects impact play and electroplay.

How to Play with Anyone : Diversity & Kink with Nathan

Have you ever felt behind the times when it comes to pronouns and too afraid of judgement to ask?

Unsure of how to ask that lady?/gentleman?/cutie for a scene?

Maybe you're not sure how crossdressing in the bedroom could lead someone to legally change their name?

Then this is the class for you! We'll answer every question you have been too afraid or emarassed to ask.

"So, I'm a Bottom...Now What ?" with KBR

Whether you are new to the scene or have been involved for some time,
join KBR in a lively discussion about bottoming/being submissive in the intriguing world of BDSM. Learn
some tips and tricks that she has gathered from her over 20-year journey. Bring something to write with
and an open mind as we travel down the winding road of being a bottom/submissive.

Rough Body Play with Siberian Tiger

Roughin’ Around with Joe: Rough Body Play for All Body Types