Needle Play

This class will be broken into three major parts; 1. safety and risks. 2. the art of needle penetration. 3. the art of using string or ribbon for non-permanent body modification.
During part 1: We'll cover; All the equipment needed and where to buy it. What are the safe ways for you to handle blood. How to minimize the risk of blood contact for others around you. What are the risks of ingesting blood. what are the risks of getting blood on your skin and cloths
During part 2: We'll cover; a physical demonstration of doing a needle penetration. first there will be a simple X needle penetration for the class to have the option to follow. supplies will be provided for anyone interested in following along. Second there will be a more complex X with a twist and anchor for the class to have the option to follow. supplies provided
During part 3: We'll cover; Placing a ribbon on the X and twist to demonstrate how ribbon can be used as a means of continuing the scene after it's "Over". Additionally cork tops are placed on the needle tips to allow the needles to be worn outside the play space without risk to others. If there is time I'll demonstrate how to use needles and ribbon to make a functional bra.
At the end I'll point people to the general store where I'll have some needle kits on sale for those that want to buy them.

T-Shirt Laddering

T-Shirt Cutting is Back !

Grab your cotton t-shirts and scissors and come join Ahnna for a demonstration of T-Shirt Laddering. This is a very fun, interactive workshop showing how to design a T-Shirt with cuts. This is a great way to creatively upcycle your t-shirts.

(Supplies will be available for those without suitable shirts/scissors)

Violet Wand Class

The Violet Wand class shall consist of an explanation and history of how the violet wand came about . How it was used and marketed early on . I will go over components and safety concerns. I will talk about how the different electrodes work and other items commonly used while playing with a violet wand. It will be an introductory class hopefully followed by tastings.

Self-Tie Chest Harness

Self-tie Chest Harness
Join us as we explore how to create a rope chest harness on our bodies! This class grew out of the need to empower people to find out for themselves what sort of chest harness and tension feels good to them, and to learn options for chest binding and/or breast bondage.

We will start out with needed safety equipment, anatomy of the chest, underlying structures, breast tissue, and oxytocin release. We will then have several demonstrations and tie-alongs. Tantrika will be also available during the class for one-on-one teaching. A handout completes your learning. Do not miss this rare class!

To bring: Students may tie over their clothes, over binders, over soft bras, or may go topless. Bras with thick underwire are not suggested. All genders, ages, abilities are welcome. Please contact Tantrika before the class if you are breastfeeding, nursing, have had a mastectomy or implant.

To maintain hygiene, please bring your own rope if possible. Two bundles of 4mm to 6mm rope lengths work well. 24 feet to 30 feet lengths are suggested. There will be a limited amount of training rope available.

Fire Play

This workshop will cover basic fire safety and then concentrate on the tools and procedure for fire cupping.

A simple kit will be available for purchase, with recommendations for purchasing supplies.