The Art of Florentine Flogging by Cindi

This double-flogger non-power exchange energy-based style of gentle impact play  combines playful energy with the sensuality expressed through dance. It can serve as a warm-up or cool-down activity, or as a complete low-impact or sensation scene.

Bring a pair of floggers & learn basic movements to help you create your own personal style.

This is a modified Florentine method; if you’re accomplished at the traditional figure eight Florentine flogging, please refrain from using it during the instructional portions of this class & have patience with the beginner-level pace.

Cindi - The Art of Florentine Flogging

Chinese Bondage: The Five Flower Tie by Tantrika

Unlike Western and Japanese bondage, little is known about erotic forms of bondage originating in China. It appears that the primary tie of Chinese Bondage is the Five Flowers Tie ""Wu Hua Da Bang". It began as a way to restrain prisoners and is unique for its attractive spirals around the arms and central main stem that connects directly to the neck. This tie can be tied with the arms in the front for comfort and for those unable to have their arms restrained in the back. There are an unlimited amount of decorative possibilities with this tie, including creating a flower shape from the main 5 points on the perimeter.

This class will start out with a safety and anatomy overview and will then have a demonstration and tie-along. Tantrika will be also available during the class for one-on-one teaching. A handout completes your learning. Do not miss this rare class !

To bring: To maintain hygiene, please bring your own rope if possible. Two bundles of 4mm to 6mm rope lengths work well. 24 feet to 40 feet is suggested; the longer lengths allow for more decoration. There will be a limited amount of training rope available.

Sensation play 201 by Prince Nathan

Venture into next level sensation play with Prince Nathan. We’ll explore over 15 additional senses beyond the five you think you know courtesy of our very own demo bottom. Learn to craft dynamic scenes that will delight, disorient, and confuse any know-it-all brat!

Gender Validation through Kink with Prince Nathan

Play parties, munches and BDSM conventions provide us with opportunities to show off our most sexy and authentic selves. However, even in these spaces  Trans/Non-binary people cab find it difficult to feel truly seen. In this class we will explore a variety of ways to utilize kink to center and celebrate gender identity