Morning Stretching session led by Alix

It's stretching...people stretching, doing the downward dog or other such maneuvers, sometimes there is music.

Musical Bottoms

One of our traditional games at SS, this one is a blast. Think Musical Chairs for spankos.  Instead of chairs, we have spanking stations, and when the music stops, the bottoms running around the circle bend over a spanking station and get spanked until the music starts again. One less spanking station than bottoms, someone is left "out" and the game continues. Watch those mild submissives turn into Rugby players in this game !!

Prizes for each winner.

Fucking Balloon Game

This game is an absolute riot. Think of a very kinky relay team game. Except instead of passing the baton, you pop a balloon by humping it against your team mate.

Prizes for winning team

Human Fox Hunt

It's been banned in Britain, but SummerSpank still holds our Fox Hunt. Only difference is there are no hounds, no mulled wine and no bugle ! Our foxes are human (mostly) and sometimes naked. Foxes run to hide in the grounds, Hunters run to find them. Winners are the Hunter with the most foxes, and the foxes that have not been caught.

Prizes for all winners

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

It's a fabulous affair, with some of the most creative and interesting costumes. We'll have around a hundred people sitting down for tea and cake, so don't be late ! The menu will be posted, please bring a contribution to the Pavillion by 3:30, or “off with your head” !!

Sunday Community Brunch

We cook breakfast for around a hundred people. We need bacon...and sausage...and eggs and...