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DungeonMaster Mark

Well, I’ve been kinky since an early age, somewhat of a lifelong Spanko. I have been in the Portland Kink scene for over 20 years now, and I am still contributing to the local community in a number of ways. My kink resume includes 5 years as overall KinkFest Director, 4 years as PLA Vice President, 10 years running and operating the Red Cheeks Club, 4 years as Educator in the Valhalla Education Group as well as many additional classes. I currently serve on the PLA Board of Directors as President, Head DM for KinkFest, Host and run the monthly Kink Night’s at The Velvet Rope Club, and continue to Own and Direct SummerSpank, now in its tenth year. I also make Rattan Canes and own Red Cheeks Toys, vending leather whips, floggers and other impact toys, and Dungeon Furniture.

I find great enjoyment teaching new peeps the safe ways to play and have fun in the scene, and I am passionate about putting on Kinky events. I will continue to give back to the wonderful, local community which has helped me and mine get through some tough medical issues. Personally, I lean heavily in the Dominant side of the spectrum, and can often be found Topping others at local events. I enjoy a Daddy/girl, monogamous relationship with my wife and partner of 32 years.

Mark Leather Pride


Tantrika has been sharing her love of rope, flogging and electroplay with the community since 2013. She combines her background in the Medical Field with reiki and tantra into a rope fusion style that focuses on safety first. She is known for her holistic approach that encompasses not only the physical aspects of rope work but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. She has been a regular taster at events around Portland and Salem, totaling over 500 free rope tastings for the community so far. She specializes in rope suspensions of men and modifying rope for people with special needs. She has taught at diverse venues, including munches, Hitchin' Bitches, SummerSpank 2017, The Portland Leather Alliance, Valhalla Education Group, and ran her own rope Group "On the Fringe" for four years. She is excited to be returning to SummerSpank !

cindi: a bi poly Topmissive service slave

cindi has spent her 25+ years living in Leather as a service slave & is member of the Leather Heart & Storm Heart Families. she has served Portland Leather Alliance, KinkFest & Leatherwoods as a Board/Committee member & volunteer.

cindi has presented workshops for KinkFest, Paradise Unbound, RCDC, Leatherwoods, HOWL, PLA, Renegade's Rendezvous, Summer Spank, & at Munches & private events from Vancouver WA to Salem OR. she has been a panel member for Talking Kink, operated Sinergy Dungeon at the Catalyst, & has been a stunt bottom for national presenters such as Lew Rubens, Jay Wiseman & Midori, & local ones including Conrad Hodson, Noble Satyr & Annamarie

Cindi - The Art of Florentine Flogging

Gender Confusion

"Nathan is a non-binary Portland scene regular of seven sadistic years. They can be found doing pick up play at Sanctuary,TVR, or frequenting the Queer Devil's Munch. After many years developing separate informal curriculums on the art of pick up play and interacting with gender diverse individuals, Nathan brings the two together for the first time in "How to Play with Anyone!" This will be a lecture/Q&A hybrid class that will cover the foundations of personal pronouns, de-gendering scene titles, distinguishing fetishes from identities, and more! Come ask the questions you've been reluctant to ask because there are no stupid questions.

Siberian Tiger

Joe has been in the Portland Kink scene since 2007. He has been a PLA board member, and ran security for KinkFest for...5...years?....It was a while. He has taught classes on topping without a toy bag, rough body play, Intro to topping, and Kink and the Law. Come find out how to use your body for kink play, no matter your size.