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DungeonMaster Mark

Well, I’ve been kinky since an early age, somewhat of a lifelong Spanko. I have been in the Portland Kink scene for over 20 years now, and I am still contributing to the local community in a number of ways. My kink resume includes 5 years as overall KinkFest Director, 4 years as PLA Vice President, 10 years running and operating the Red Cheeks Club, 4 years as Educator in the Valhalla Education Group as well as many additional classes. I recently was asked to serve as President on the PLA Board of Directors ans held that post until 2022, when I resigned from that responsibility. Head DM and Volunteer DM for KinkFest on many occasions, Host and run the monthly Kink Night’s at The Velvet Rope Club, and continue to Own and Direct SummerSpank, now in its 11th year, after my business partner, Mistress Valhalla retired. I also make Rattan Canes and own Red Cheeks Toys, vending leather whips, floggers and other impact toys, and Dungeon Furniture.

I find great enjoyment teaching new peeps the safe ways to play and have fun in the scene, and I am passionate about putting on Kinky events. I will continue to give back to the wonderful, local community which has helped me and mine get through some tough medical issues. Personally, I lean heavily in the Dominant side of the spectrum, and can often be found Topping others at local events. I enjoy a Daddy/girl, monogamous relationship with my wife and partner of 33 years.

Mark Leather Pride


David S. has been a member of the kink scene since 2012 with needle play being one of the earliest kinks he explored. He started being almost exclusively a bottom/submissive with some time spent as a "medical sadist". That is, he enjoyed helping people by hurting them. He is now a switch who enjoys both being a top and bottom.

The Huntsman

I have been active in the Portland kink community as participant for the last ten years.
Early on I started taking every BDSM related class I could find. I started volunteering at events as a Dungeon Monitor. For the last seven years you could find me at just about any event in the greater Portland area helping out as a DM..
I expanded my BDSM education and quickly started passing on the things I have learned to others.  During this time I helped teach the BDSM 101 classes taught by the Valhalla Education group lead by Mistress Valhalla. The topics I have taught include basic flogging, basic rope ties, fire cupping , dungeon etiquette/negotiations, and I once taught an age play class at Summer Spank .
I received formal training as an instructor during the time I served as Chief Hunter Education instructor for the State of Washington. My objective was certifying students so they may purchase a hunting license for the first time. .  I spent ten years as a volunteer teacher. I organized ,scheduled ,facilitated my classes with the help of a small teaching team.  I taught thousands of students during this time.
Though I have never actually taught the Violet Wand class before this ,I do have a great understanding of it's history, safety protocols, general practice ,and how it has been popularized by the kink community.
I have used a violet wand as part of my play many times over the years. I have participated in a number of violet wand classes and feel I am very confident in my abilities to pass on the information in a very complete and professional manner.


Tantrika is excited to be back for her 4th class at Summer Spank! She combines her background in the medical field with reiki and tantra to create a sensual style of rope. She is best known for the over 1,000 rope tastings she has done for free in the Pacific Northwest. She ran her own rope group for 4 years and has taught for Valhalla Educational Group, The Portland Leather Alliance, Hitchin' Bitches, and more.

Little_m_pdx & cuBBy

Michelle (little_m_pdx) & Charlie (cuBBy)

Have been in the Portland scene since 2000. They have previously been active volunteers and team members for KinkFest and volunteered for many different events throughout Portland. Michelle was a professional ABDL mommy and had the most popular "house" in the PNW (mommys-place) for three years before Covid.

Both Michelle and Charlie were trained and mentored in Fire Play & Cupping by Mistress Valhalla, who has now retired and passed the (figurative) torch.